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Reports & Assessments

automates reporting, saving you time and reducing staffing needs.

Simple tools let you:

  • Summarize survey, test, and evaluation results in easy to read, printable, and exportable reports
  • View participants for individual programs
  • View the waiting lists for individual programs
  • Generate reports with participant information from multiple programs
  • Generate PARs reports to send to ACCME
  • Collect information needed for CPE Monitor and automate reporting
  • Collect information needed to report to Florida's CE Broker
  • Access complete data from each CE program (number of participants, tuition collected, CE hours provided, etc.)
  • Access complete data from all tests, evaluations, and surveys
  • Use surveys to perform needs assessment, gap analysis, and outcomes assessment
  • Compare test results to assess CE outcomes
  • Generate custom financial reports

Use our intuitive reporting tools to meet your needs. Export your reports to Excel for even more reporting options, and to print or send reports to others.

Custom report development is available.