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Frequently Asked Questions

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Some of your savings will come from eliminating the printing and mailing costs you now incur when distributing promotional materials, receipts, evaluations, and CE Credit Statements. If you look at these costs over the past year, you'll be surprised by how expensive it is for your department to continue to mail these things. Also, you may be spending a lot of man-hours tabulating evaluations or maintaining participant databases - hours that will be eliminated when you switch to our automated system. And last but not least, you'll save any money you currently spend on other applications like RegOnline, SurveyMonkey, and ConstantContact, since Learning Express includes the services they provide.
When most CE providers compare the features, functions, and price of their current product with Learning Express, they see that Learning Express offers all the features and functions they need at a much lower price. And there's a bonus: Learning Express is much quicker and easier (and more fun) to set up and use. Providers who switch to Learning Express can spend the money they save on their CE system to expand their programming and increase revenue.

You'll get FREE access to Learning Express for the first 3 months if you switch from another online CE service provider.
In our experience, most people prefer paying via credit card online when they register for a live program or purchase a distance program. Learning Express accepts all the major credit cards. The system lets you enter any payments you receive via check or cash so you can track your revenue in one place.
We will send you a monthly check or directly deposit your income in your account. We will provide you with a monthly statement that documents all transactions, which will make auditing easy for you. You'll have access to your statement history on your Learning express website. You can also generate custom revenue reports.
There is a credit card fee of 5%, which is standard in the industry. This fee is deducted from your monthly deposits.
Our system lets you choose whether to require program evaluations. If you make evaluations mandatory, Learning Express will not allow participants to generate their CE credit unless an evaluation is completed - so you will get 100% compliance. ACPE wants providers to obtain evaluations from all participants, so this feature puts you into compliance with their guidelines.
No. Learning Express will automatically e-mail a receipt to the participant, saving you time and mailing costs.
Yes. CEN owns and publishes The Rx Consultant, which has been providing high quality, professional home-study courses to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other health care professionals for 20 years. We have an extensive library of home-study programs. As a Learning Express subscriber, you'll have the opportunity to co-market these programs, under a separate agreement. This can be a new source of revenue for your department, at no additional cost. You'll set the fee for each program, give The Rx Consultant a fixed amount, and keep the difference.
Yes. When a participant registers on your Learning Express web site, a lot of information is collected (age, position, workplace, etc.). You will be able to use this information to survey registrants, develop targeted programming, and market those programs to your targeted audience.
Yes. When you set up a program on your Learning Express web site, you can choose to make it a private program and assign a private event code. Private programs do not appear in your CE Catalog, so they won't be available to all registrants on your site. The intended audience members can register for the program by entering the private event code.
Yes. When the participant returns to your Learning Express web site after the program to complete evaluations, he/she can select which courses were attended, evaluate those, and generate credit for only those courses. You can control access to the individual evaluations by assigning access codes to each course or presentation.
Yes. You can customize the look of your Learning Express home-page by using fonts, banners, logos and pictures that will be recognized by your past participants.
Not to worry. Your data will remain your data and will not be available to others (nor will you have access to other schools/companies data). Your data will be available only to you and Learning Express administrators (for use only if required to resolve a system problem). CEN and the Learning Express administrators will never access your data without your permission.
We used common sense in developing this product so that it will be easy for non-technical administrators to learn and use. It will be helpful if you are familiar with a word-processing program (Microsoft Word), as this will make it easier for you to set up or edit your website, and set up live CE programs.
You may actually save money by using Learning Express. Our rates are based on your ACPE usage rates (the ones you submit yearly to ACPE). Learning Express lets you increase your revenue (e.g, by providing new home-study courses) and decrease your costs (e.g., mailing, printing, data processing). As a result, you can probably add this automated system without any additional funding.
Learning Express is a subscription-based system. In general, we have found that there is no reason for contracting to get involved. You can cancel the subscription at any time. The subscription rate (based on your usage levels) can be paid quarterly or annually.
You bet! We have been ACPE accredited providers for over 16 years and understand your needs and problems.
Yes. We are dedicated to being good listeners and considering suggestions as they are voiced, because it is the best way to ensure the ongoing success of Learning Express. Listening and updating is the only way we'll be able to continue meeting your needs, and that is our primary goal. We are a small company with a passion for personal service, so you will be able to reach us when you need to reach us.