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Cost Savings

saves you money in so many ways:

Save on Mailing

  • No more mailing flyers or brochures - use email to reach your audience, and post your brochures online for participants to share.
  • No more processing CE Credit Statements - how much do you spend each year mailing these?
    With , your participants can view, save or print their credit statements.

Save on Printing

  • No more printing handouts or agendas - participants can access and print them before your event.
  • No need to print evaluations or learning assessments - participants complete them online.

Save on Staff Time

  • No more depositing individual checks or doing financial paperwork - you'll get a monthly statement and a single check or direct deposit.
  • No need to pre-register participants or summarize evaluations and learning assessments.
  • No need to design reports - participants do the data entry for you.
  • reports automatically to CPE Monitor, and comes with easily exportable CE Broker and PARs reports.