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CE Processing

With , it's quick and easy to put your evaluations, tests, and surveys online. This low-cost, online service:

  • Provides standard forms that make it easy to add pre-tests, post-tests, evaluations, and surveys
  • Automates reporting to CPE Monitor and exporting CE Broker and PARS reports
  • Lets participants claim/generate credit for specific live CE sessions they attend during a conference.
    Access codes, integrated barcode scanning, or manual controls let them complete evaluations only for the programs they attend.
  • Ensures that all participants complete an evaluation before generating CE credit - you can make it mandatory

Easy-to-use tools let you summarize evaluations and test results quickly and generate reports for your organization, your sponsors, the ACPE, the ACCME, or another accreditor. Results are delivered in attractive pie charts - or you can easily export the data to Excel.

You'll SAVE TIME and MONEY by eliminating the need to print evaluations, grade tests, hand-enter data, print and mail credit statements, and manually report to CPE Monitor or gather data for PARS reports. You'll have the time and resources you need to focus on creating and marketing CE.

Participants will enjoy using your custom web site to:

  • Instantly register for CE programs
  • Download course materials
  • Complete evaluations
  • Complete pre-tests & post-tests
  • Instantly view results
  • Generate and print their own credit statements
  • Maintain complete, personal CE transcripts
  • Complete surveys, needs assessments & outcomes assessments
  • Securely make payments online

With , you'll provide every participant with a personal online account where they can maintain a record of CE activities attended, purchased or completed, and the hours of credit earned. Participants can add activities from other providers to their accounts, and view or print their CE transcripts.