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is the cloud-based online solution for busy, budget conscious CE Providers. It is an easy-to-use, subscription-based service that automates event registration, CE management, delivery and processing, emails, and reporting at a very affordable price.

What can do for you?

  • Expand your audience
  • Increase your income
  • Cut your costs
  • Reduce your workload at least 50%

The money you save on postage, printing, and mail prep alone could pay for the entire system!

A Simple, Affordable Cloud-Based Service with Quick and Easy Start-up

  • No software to install, no contracts to sign, no setup costs
  • Meets ALL your CE management needs - both live and enduring
  • Eliminates cobbling together service providers and home-grown solutions
  • Auto reports to CPE Monitor, and easily exports CE Broker and PARS reports

is the perfect solution for your 24-hour event management, CE delivery, and CE processing needs.

is Four Easy-To-Use Tools in One

  • An online CE management, delivery and processing tool
  • A registration management and tuition collection tool
  • An automated email broadcasting tool
  • A survey and reporting tool - including needs and outcomes assessments

Why ? We've Been in Your Shoes

As CE providers for 18 years, we've faced the same problems you do. was developed to move our own CE management online, offer our participants a user-friendly website, automate reporting, and cut costs.

Our online system has managed tens of thousands of participants and delivered over a million CE activities and credit statements.

Now, our easy-to-use tools can be YOUR tools, at a price that will make you smile.